Free Date Night Ideas!

Date Night!

Courtney’s Little Love Tip ❤

These days I feel like everybody feels they have to spoil their significant other with expensive dinners, presents, etc that cost too much money. I’m here to say no to that and give you some silly ideas to keep the fire in your relationship!

  1. If you’re an outdoor girl like me, go for a hike! You can pick a destination that ends with a beautiful lake view or a nice place to sit. You and your significant other can talk and walk off the stress of the day hand in hand!
  2. Build a big blanket fort! Build up a little cozy place to cuddle up together and tell silly stories from when you were a kid. To spice it up play some soft music and bring in some finger food.
  3. Have a movie night! Pick some of your favorites from your collection and relax on the couch. Grab some junk food from the pantry and have a guilty pleasure night with your honey. If you’re anything like me and my boyfriend you won’t make it through the first film.
  4. Scavenge the pantry for some components that would make a good dinner, and get a cookin’ good lookin’! Blast some of your favorite music and sing together while you cook. Have a delicious meal and who knows what your dessert will be!
  5. Search the town for “your spot”! Instead of picking a favorite song, go find that spot you can go together and enjoy! For me and my boyfriend we found a little cliff next to a lake that we can get to at any hour, it’s so relaxing and romantic at the same time J We always go grab our favorite drink from sonic and head out there during the nice nights we need to get away.

Cheesy Biscuit Bombs!


A definite YES! I’ve made these twice now, my boyfriend and family are addicted. They are melt in your mouth amazing. However they do not re-heat well, so plan on eating them all!


1 Container of Pillsbury Grands Flaky Layers Biscuits

3/4 of a pound of Mozzarella..Or your fave cheese!

1/4 cup Olive Oil

1/4 cup Grated Parmesan Cheese

1 tsp. Oregano/Italian Seasoning

Dash of salt

Here is the website that Pinterest lead me to, it has step by step pictures to help you! 🙂